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You Create, We Locate.

AED Studios is one of the largest, most complete and ecological studio complex of Europe. It is the perfect location for all kind of projects, even the most ambitious ones. Surrounded by forests and water, the studio infrastructure is naturally integrated in its environment. The broad range of modern facilities are designed to meet all your functional requirements.

We handle our guests with personal care and a main focus on service, as we believe that this will strongly benefit the execution of your project. In sum, AED Studios is a state of the art choice for your project. It is strategically located and has all the functionalities in house to be the destination for your creation.

Black Box Soundstages

Out of our 25 venues, we have nine soundstages in diferent sizes and heights. All stages are fully equipped with various heating and electricity systems, diferent types of rigging ceilings, black backdrops and state of the art technical equipment. This way we can accommodate almost any demand and be fexible to facilitate your creative process. The loading docks are easy accessible and are directly connected to the studios by centrally located gates.

The studios have immediate access to sep-arated, integrated backstage areas. This means that every production has individual access to ensure the privacy and security. The comfortable backstages have internet access and live studio feed. A great place to relax, enjoy a drink, read your script, or prep yourself.The AED Studios staf ensures that your team has a pleasant stay.

Stage Floor Fully Equipped Backstage Area Power Supply
45 - 3.000m2 (480 - 32.292ft2) Black Blackdrop Catering Until 2 x 2.400 Amp
Heating system Seperated
ARRI LED lighting Internet access
Rigging/technical ceiling Live studio feed
Privacy & security

The flexibility of the studios allowed us to move around more with the scheudle, which saved us 2 shooting days, quite some time and quite some money.

Peter De Maegd Potemkino
The largest, heated, indoor water tank in Europe.

AED Studios has one of the largest indoor watertank stages of Europe. The water can be heated up to 31°C (88°F). The comforta-ble temperature is another key element for talent and crew during underwater shoots. The 22 meter high water tank stage is com-pletely blacked out, which enables green key possibilities on a wet and dry area. At AED Studios we are frontrunners in imple-menting audiovisual technology. A dou-ble flter creates crystal clear water for the cleanest under water shots.

Stage Floor Surface Depth Temperature
3.000m2 (32.292ft2) 875m2 (9.418ft2 4m (13ft) Up to 31°C (88°F)
Height to ceilingFilterPower supply
22m (72ft)Crystal clear water3x1.200 Amp powerlock

The interior water tank is big enough for us to partially submerge our set under water, complimented by the professional support from our Belgian construction team, the special FX team and the underwater divers.

Anthony Dod Mantle ASC. BSC. DFF.
Black Backdrop 150m (492ft)
2 x 125A CEE
2 x 32A CEE
2 x 400A powerlock
Dinner 450 people
Reception 1200 people
Academic 750 people