How to get there?

By car

Google Maps or Waze

1.000 parking spaces on-site

Gate A: Main entrance & Visitor's parking

Gate B: Truck entrance

Gate C: Offices & Production entrance


By train

Train station Kontich-Lint in front of the premises. Walking distance 200m

2 connections per hour to Antwerp, Mechelen & Brussels (S1 train Antwerpen Centraal-Nijvel)

Visit "NMBS" for the route planner.


By bus

Bus stop Kontich Station (Stationsplein) in front of the premises (on the other side of the rail track). Walking distance: 300m

92 Kontich Station - Mortsel - Berchem Station

130 UZA – Kontich – Lier

131 Wilrijk – Kontich scholen – Lier

132 Lier – Kontich – Boom

132 UZA – Kontich – Lier


Visit "De Lijn" for the route planner.


By bicycle

Fietsostrade F1 Antwerp - Mechelen - Brussels

Info & route planner: click here!


By helicopter

On-site Heliport: EBLT – Lint

eAIP Skeyes: click here!


By airplane

20 minutes from Antwerp Airport

40 minutes from Brussels Airport


AED Studios how to get there