Backstage 400

Introducing the exclusive new private backstage area for the famous Flemish soap “Familie”. This state-of-the-art facility offers a world-class experience for our talented artists.

The artist rooms provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for our stars to unwind and prepare for their performance. Each room is equipped with the latest amenities and designed with their comfort in mind.

The make-up salon is the ultimate beauty destination, offering a complete range of cosmetic services to help our actors look their best. The hair salon is equipped with the latest tools and products, providing our actors with the perfect hairstyle for each performance.

The spacious dressing rooms are equipped with mirrors, lighting, and all the necessary equipment to help our actors get into character. They offer a private and secure space for actors to get ready, and the ample storage ensures that all costumes and props are kept in perfect condition.

We are proud to offer this first-class facility to our talented artists and are confident that they will appreciate the extra touch of luxury and professionalism that it brings. This new private backstage area is set to take our production to the next level and we cannot wait for you to experience it for yourself.


Occupied by: Banijay Belgium - Familie

Occupied by: Banijay Belgium - Familie