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Setting the stage.

Glenn Roggeman

Creating a world-class entertainment facility is no easy task – and it was just five years ago that Glenn Roggeman, CEO of AED Studios, started transforming the site located in Lint (between Antwerp and Brussels). The result is a large, unique studio complex that serves the needs of production companies for film and TV, which can also host ambitious corporate events. It wasn’t long before top-billed TV shows, such as The Voice, Belgium’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars found their way here. AED Studios houses 16 sound stages, ranging from 45m2 to 3,000m2, and offers a comprehensive suite of amenities – including green screens and a water tank – to create entertainment in a highly professional setting. A heliport with five helicopters, a large auditorium and concert hall, restaurants and guest rooms mean visitors are always well catered for.

Phase one is finished: rebuilding the site to one of the most complete, modern and eco neutral sites in the world. Phase two is communication: let everybody know that we exist and what we are all about. Phase three: Let everybody visit our studios and let them feel the reality on which we are building our future.

Glenn Roggeman

“Belgium boasts a variety of attractive audiovisual incentives available to both national and international co-productions,” says Roggeman. “The broad range of modern facilities at AED Studios is designed to meet the functional requirements of the most ambitious entertainment productions. “We can also host unforgettable events, from trade fairs to product showcases and conferences, and with our VR Base we can even entertain your guests in an awesome virtual world.” Easily accessed from anywhere in Europe and beyond, AED Studios blends harmoniously into the natural environment, nestled within landscaped grounds. Powered by nearly 10,000m2 of solar panels, using electrical heating and featuring computer controlled, energy-efficient LED lighting, AED Studios is also a shining example of how to reduce your carbon footprint. Roggeman’s vision has become a reality – and AED Studios is ready to welcome all to share in its bright future.