Olly Wannabe

Olly Wannabe is a comical fiction series about a funny, brazen, self-centred ape who is determined to become a star. When The Big Television invites Olly for an interview after a mere 147 spontaneous applications, he believes his big day has arrived. He thinks his super talent has finally been recognised. But the hoped-for star contract never materialises. Instead Olly is offered an internship: every week he has to do a different insignificant chore behind the scenes of a TV or radio program or a vlog. Olly, however, sees these tasks as a springboard to eternal fame and throws himself whole-heartedly into every new challenge. Much to everyone’s despair, because Olly turns out to be an untalented and awkward wannabe, who makes a complete mess of everything…

  • Produced by Hotel Hungaria
  • AED Studio 11