De Buurtpolitie : De Tunnel

Banijay Belgium



In this second installment of the Buurtpolitie series, the police district is faced with a tnt robbery. Meanwhile, a small village is feeling earthquake-like vibrations at night.

Director:  Dennis Vanslembrouck
Release date:  February 7, 2018
Genre: Action, Crime

IMDB - De Buurtpolitie : De Tunnel

While neighbourhood police investigate a theft of a dynamite from an army barracks, the force also faces complaints of ground tremors in a neighbourhood. Animals become restless and people cannot sleep because of it. The officers go to investigate but are puzzled. Until they stumble upon a long, deep tunnel in the same neighbourhood.

Eric and Brigitte enter the tunnel to gather more information. However, Brigitte suffers from claustrophobia and an explosion occurs. The big question is will the detectives get out of this alive.

Eventually, Eric and Brigitte are freed. They are both taken to hospital. Eric is quickly allowed to leave the hospital after being examined. Brigitte is in bad shape. Eventually, she too will recover.

Barry, the police dog is kidnapped. Eventually, the force manages to find Barry and overpower the perpetrators.