Sinterklaas en de Wakkere Nachten

Director: Stijn Coninx
Release date: October 21, 2018
Genre: Comedy, Family

IMDB – Sinterklaas en de Wakkere Nachten

Saint Nick and Black Pete’s nightly roof roaming is disturbed by loud party noises from bells, balloons and even drums, Pete thinks a ‘bat birthday party’. That reoccurs every night, keeping people awake and grumpy, so they turn on the Saint who is seen there and presumed guilty of the ruckus. In fact shopkeeper Frutselia profits by selling bizarre tranquilizing products, and pushes her son Milan to help keeping the town awake so he can earn enough to court teacher Eline, who also fancies him. Saint and his friends must prove his innocence to regain popularity.


Occupied by: Banijay Belgium - Familie