XR Studio Extended Reality Studio

A game changer in the virtual production workflow

Get creative in our hybrid studio concept that is perfectly suited for your various needs! From engaging product launch events and impactful sales meetings to a fully immersive XR show… we can do it all!

Organize your own live streaming event, webinar or XR production!

Our multi-functional studio is fully equipped and ready to use for easy and simple lives-treams with a digital environment, a green-key production or a full Extended Reality Production. Depending on your experience we’re there to assist to get you up and run-ning and ensure a high-quality livestream, recording session or XR production!

No hassle with your equipment

100% flexibility

Smooth and captivating presentations

Easy walk-in concept

Corporate livestream studio

A meeting, webinar, conference or business presenta-tion – your corporate event will liven up by using the right audiovisual equipment. Our studio – in which we work with the latest technologies and can always guarantee quality – offers professional multi-cam live streams for the corporate and entertainment industry. Create a setting in the look&feel of your choice by easily adjusting the LED background.

Greenkey studio

Our greenkey studio has a U-shaped green screen of 22m x 5m with fixed lighting, cameras, video direction and all the equipment needed for reliable live events. Blend completely with your decor in this spacious greenkey studio and change your background with or without animation to create a virtual decor. This area is pre-equipped with tracking markers for AR and VR applications.

Extended reality studio

Extended reality (XR) is the umbrella term for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and other immersive technologies. At the XR studio, the physical and digital worlds are perfectly connect-ed, allowing for new, expanded and unique possibili-ties for audiovisual productions.